"We hired Lydia to help us with a major house remodel ($1mm+). She is incredible. She listened to our ideas, added her own insights, and helped us make decisions resulting in a spectacular new home. Very easy going, with none of the pretentiousness of other designers with whom we've worked. I couldn't recommend her more."

B.H. Los Altos Hills, CA

"In this hot SF Bay Area market, there are way too many fly by night operators praying on first time re modelers and new home constructions. Lydia Lyons is probably the hardest working, least assuming, most creative, and equally practical designer I've ever worked with. What sets her apart is her customer focus. She makes sure that there are no loose ends. We set out to build a home in December 2014 and were given 12 recommendations. Lydia's confidence and lack of arrogance won us over as she not only had a great sense of style, she also knew the sub-contractors and suppliers who could get the job done. While the house won't be done until August 2016, I can easily recommend her and more than happily take a referral. She's truly one of the best and her growing team reflects that level of quality with her new addition Celia."

R.W., Cupertino, CA

"Lydia is an amazing designer. She invests the time to understand her client's preferences and styles. From there she is very artful at introducing new ideas and helping her clients expand their thinking to incorporate new and fresh design ideas. She is also great at working within a budget and helping determine the places where you should spend more versus those places you can spend less and get the same design effect/quality."

M.H., San Jose, CA